GS Group extends HDTV coverage
| 02 December 2014
Tapping into the shift to HDTV viewing in its target global markets, Russian broadcast technology specialist GS Group has upgraded one of its flagship set-top boxes.

B211The GS B211 is based on a new microprocessor derived from in-house production and is the product of co-operation with leading Russian satellite operator Tricolor TV, forming the latest in the two companies' project geared at replacing old equipment stock with the new set-top boxes supporting HD technology.

The GS B211 digital set-top box is said to be able to provide a better signal reception even during bad weather conditions like rain or snow. By having the external IR sensor on the receiver, it can be controlled via remote control even upon conditions that the equipment is out of sight. The GS B211 also boasts an increased amount of internal storage to enable a wide range of operator services and function of sorting the channels according to specified characteristics and supports external USB flash drives. The receiver can also be connected to older TV models by using a supplied SCART adapter and a RCA cable.

The new GS B211 set-top box is designed for an equipment replacement programme (trade-in), which embraces the exchange of older models that don't support HDTV viewing. The trade-in is available to all subscribers who live in the Eutelsat 36A and Eutelsat 36B satellites' broadcasting area and use General Satellite equipment receiving the signal from the MPEG-2 standard.