Piracy not cord-cutting is greatest threat to pay-TV
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 02 December 2014
While many experts point to how over-the-top (OTT) and video-on-demand (VOD) companies are reshaping the pay-TV business model and consumer habits, leading many subs to abandon traditional cable platforms, Verimatrix's president has said that the real threat for business is still piracy.

oetegennDuring the NexTV CEO Summit Latin America 2014, held in November in Miami, Steve Oetengenn, along with other experts, defended OTT and online video services saying they encourage positive change in the industry and challenge providers to reinvent their offer. "The real threat continues to be piracy, and this is having a much greater impact on the near-term future," he explained.

Writing on the company's blog, Oetengenn added: "As progressive operators continue to transition to next-generation delivery systems, it is becoming increasingly apparent that revenue security is a core component within the architecture of software-centric and IP-based technologies. In addition to protecting content, implementing a robust revenue security strategy can open up a wide new range of deployment options and extend pay-TV business opportunities, including premium and ultra high definition (UHD) video services. These technologies, such as our VCAS Ultra, extend beyond the defensive aspects of addressing piracy and theft of service, ultimately enhancing the subscriber's quality of experience (QoE) while also underpinning the operator's bottom line."

During the executive panel Change and Transformation of the Pay-TV Business in Latin America at the CEO Summit, Oetengenn also highlighted how pay-TV can capitalise on the clear trend toward IP and software-based technologies, to enable the development of flexible and scalable multi-network video services that also help meet goals for growth.