Russian VOD market booms
| 02 December 2014
Changes in state support for the film industry, plus more and more financing in the form of loans by the country's cinema fund have contributed to a rapidly advancing VOD market says a new European Audiovisual Observatory report.

russinVODCreated in in association with Nevafilm Research, Universe Consulting (the Movie Research project), and iKS-Consulting, the report found that video on demand VOD services have come to replace home video distributed on physical media, have been growing rapidly. In 2012, iKS Consulting estimated that the sales volume for VOD in Russia totalled RUB 1.13 billion. In 2013, that figure had grown to RUB 2.79 billion, and then to RUB 2.32 billion in the first half of 2014.

Overall the survey showed that the cinema fund has been issuing more and more financing in the form of loans. In 2013, 63% of the fund's budget went to grants and only 12% to fully repayable loans. In 2014, those portions were 39% and 40%, respectively.