Telefónica, Samsung pass on set-top boxes with TV app
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 03 December 2014
As the first product after their collaboration agreement announced in July, Telefónica and Samsung have launched Movistar TV Ready in Spain, an app for Samsung Smart TVs which integrates decoding features into the software, making it possible to skip using a set-top box (STB).

The new tool aims to speed up Movistar TV's functions and guarantee a premium service through an Internet connection. Although the software decoders had been tried out in other countries, it's the first time such a service has been launched in Spain by a cable and satellite pay-TV operator.

According to Telefónica, in addition to the more visual and external advantages - suppressing cables and the power source - the app makes navigation faster as the software technology is more efficient than the set-top boxes delivered by Movistar TV. In addition, Telefónica's pay-TV service can be controlled via the Samsung Smart TV remote, unifying in a single control Samsung and Movistar services.

The Samsung app also intends to transform Movistar TV into one TV source for viewers, gathering onto the same platform SD and HD channels from the free-to-air TDT offer and all the premium signals.

According to Samsung, Movistar TV Ready will be immediately available for most of its smart TVs (around 80% of models) and, from 2015 onwards, most of models will come to market with the software already integrated