WRN Broadcast is providing pioneering local TV broadcaster Made TV with distribution services to make its local TV content available on the UK Sky platform. The service includes multiplexing, encoding and uplinking onto WRN Broadcast's satellite capacity for four local TV channels. This will allow over 10 million viewers living around Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds and Tyne & Wear to enjoy Made TV through their Sky box.

"Local TV is a once-in-a-generation opportunity which Made TV is determined to make the most of. This means making Made TV's carefully created content available as widely and easily as possible. We were thrilled to find that WRN Broadcast shared our passion for this exciting new opportunity and happily took the time to work closely with us to achieve our goals. Through WRN Broadcast's expertise and innovation they have provided us with effective and extremely cost effective distribution onto the Sky platform."
Jamie Conway, CEO., Made TV

"We are extremely excited about local TV and are delighted to be supporting Made TV's efforts to make a real difference to both UK television and local people's everyday lives. WRN Broadcast has a long history of supporting innovative broadcasting and for utilising pioneering technology. Our recent move to a new stat mux system has enabled us to keep satellite distribution costs down and to pass these savings on to our customers - including Made TV. We wish them every success."
Tom Eyton-Jones, WRN Broadcast