Ericsson has inaugurated its new broadcast and media services facility in Boulogne-Billancourt near Paris.

The Mediadome is one of Europe’s most advanced broadcast and media centres, housing a 3,000 square meter state-of-the-art TV facility as well as the offices of Canal+ Overseas. The center currently manages production, post-production and distribution of 30 television channels, as well as non-linear, on-demand services.

The opening ceremony on December 3 2014 coincided with a Swedish state visit to France and was attended by Mikael Damberg, Sweden’s Minister for Enterprise and Innovation. The new centre is part of Ericsson’s strategy to grow its business in France to support the ongoing transformation of the broadcast and media services industry.

“As a leader in the creation and distribution of premium and thematic channels, our core focus is on producing the quality content and programming that our customers rely on to keep them informed and up-to-date,” said Jacques du Puy, Head of Canal+ Overseas.

“We therefore need a partner we can trust to manage the ingestion, technical production and playout for our 22 core channels. Ericsson’s expertise in both broadcasting and managed services allows us to deliver premium-quality services to our subscribers.”

“For Ericsson, it is very important to be close to our customers while providing them with the benefits of the global scale and capability of our company,” said Thorsten Sauer, head of broadcast and media services in Ericsson.

“Viewers increasingly have the opportunity to watch their favorite content on a smartphone or tablet – wherever they are and whenever they want. This is having a significant impact on media consumption patterns and is driving rapid development in broadcast technologies. As a leading provider in this area, Ericsson offers a wide range of services to support this transformation. Mediadome is a landmark in this development and our capability strategy.”

The company has developed the Mediadome facility to provide services to multiple customers and be an integral part of the network of other broadcast and media centers, and to develop services and expertise both inside and outside of France, and integrate its capabilities with those of Red Bee Media.