SeaChange says its new OTT platform will cover every form of premium video experience.

The new SeaChange Rave serves on-demand, time-shifted, live and downloaded content enjoyed on any device. A key feature is Rave’s ability to unify OTT and television delivery into a single platform.

“Until now the OTT phenomenon has mainly been about reaching the biggest possible audience, not about getting the most revenue from the TV and video content that consumers most prize,” said SeaChange CEO Jay Samit. “We’ve created Rave to advance OTT’s goal, to place value for content ahead of all else, and surround it with experiences that fully integrate the connected consumer lifestyle. Both content owners and service providers can capture the potential of the estimated $40 billion OTT opportunity from a single, virtually managed platform that completely secures and markets video streaming and downloading.”

SeaChange, which is benefitting from a new contract with BBC Worldwide for the BBC Store, Wednesday reported third quarter fiscal 2015 revenue of $30.0 million (€24.1m) and US GAAP loss from operations of $5.9 million.