The Paris Court of Appeal has ordered Orange’s Dailymotion to pay EUR1.38 million to TF1 for the illegal use of its video material on the video portal.

The amount is five times the payment ordered by a lower court, but still much lower than the EUR78 million sought by the TF1 group.

TF1 started proceedings against Dailymotion in 2007 claiming infringement on its copyrights including installments of Koh Lanta, Secret Story, various US TV series as well as clips from stand-up comedian Gad Elmaleh.

Earlier, a lower court ruled that Dailymotion had to pay EUR 270,000 in damages to the private broadcaster for 549 infringements of its copyright. In appeal, TF1 will now receive EUR1.38 million.

Surprisingly, Dailymotion and TF1 did not reach an agreement on the use of its material on the portal. Last November, TF1 and YouTube agreed on such usage following proceedings started by TF1 in 2008 to the tune of EUR100 million in damages.