iMiraplay app launches on Philips smart TVs
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 04 December 2014
Through a deal with manufacturer TV Vision, Imira Entertainment's multiscreen and multi-language kids' content platform iMiraplay is to launch on Philips smart TVs across Latin America and Europe.

imira2The app has been developed by Spanish programming firm Fractal Media and has seen expansion of the range of programming available to consumers. The app initially included five original Imira Entertainment series, both in English and Spanish, namely Lucky Fred, Sandra, The Fairytale Detective, Lola & Virginia, Saari and Vitaminix. Also included from now on is Tuba Entertainment's Larva, the adventures of tiny penguin Pororo, preschool-skewed City of Friends, Argentinean sing along Horatio & the Plasticines, Mr Simple and Mimi & Mr Bobo.

Following its launch earlier this year, the app is already available on a variety of connected devices and smart TVs. After the recent deal between Imira and Toonz Entertainment, a range of Toonz content will soon also be available via the platform.

"The aim of the Philips Smart TV platform is to offer the widest range of content and services to consumers; within this environment, on-demand kids content (whatever you want, whenever you want) is one of the most important categories and we are very excited to offer the fabulous Imira Entertainment content through our devices," said Albert Mombarg, head of smart TV at TP Vision.

"iMiraplay is gaining ground as a content portal responding to the changing viewing habits of audiences today," added Sergi Reitg, CEO of the Barcelona-based company. "Imira Entertainment is continuing to trailblaze in the digital space, finding new ways to connect with our viewers on their terms. We are thrilled to be partnering with TP Vision to further expand our reach in this space."