Russian cable and DTH operators may soon start distributing the controversial TV channel Dohzd again.

According to AKTR and Comnews, it plans to propose a new model to them under which it would pay R120 (€1.8) per month for each viewer subscribed to the channel.

This would be half of a new single rate of R240 per month for all subscribers, thereby representing a 50/50 split.

Subscribers to Dohzd would be able to access the channel on smart TVs, mobile apps, set-top boxes, cable and IPTV.

Although the Russian cable association AKTR looks favourably on Dohzd’s proposal, which takes into account a ban on advertising on non-terrestrial TV channels that comes into effect at the beginning of 2015, it may have difficulty in convincing operators.

Several dropped the channel at the beginning of this year following a controversial programme it aired about the siege of Leningrad.