VOD not hitting Spanish cinema
Juan Fernandez Gonzalez
| 05 December 2014
Wuaki.tv believes that video-on-demand (VOD) platforms are complementing cinemas, rather than replacing them, for regular cinema-goers, and this has led to the platform launching a new offer together with Cinesa, a large Spanish cinema chain.

wuakilogoAccording to Wuaki.tv, a recent European report published by Yahoo!, Let's Talk Movies, found that people who regularly go to the movies consume more VOD content at home, complementing both activities. The Barcelona-based company believes the streaming and audiovisual industry should work hand in hand to enable users to enjoy films both at home and in cinemas.

From now until January 15 Wuaki.tv's new subs will get two cinema tickets every month during 2015 for half price at any of Cinesa's 400 theatres across Spain, subsidising film fans' cinema trips while drawing more subscribers to its platform.

"We are proud of being able to carry out this commercial action, which represents our interest in cinema and strengthens our commitment to the industry," explained Jacinto Roca, Wuaki.tv's CEO. "We also believe the best cinema consumers are also the best VOD streaming users."

The move continues Wuaki.tv's expansion and growth strategies. While shaking up its programming and adding more VOD content in Spain in order to maintain leadership of the incipient over-the-top (OTT) market in the country, Wuaki.tv has experienced considerable growth in Europe during 2014, reaching over 1.5 million subs across the continent. The platform's success is closely related to the increase of connected devices at home, especially smart screens.