BT TV claims UK first for film, pay-TV multi-device buy-to-keep
Joseph O'Halloran
| 05 December 2014
With download-to-own capability increasingly important to packages, the BT TV service has become the UK's first TV platform to offer buy-to-keep films on multiple devices in addition to the set-top box.

BT TVBT has also launched a similar capability for its TV everywhere service, allowing customers to watch their TV channels on multiple devices.

Under the terms of the arrangement for films, content purchased on a YouView or Vision+ set-top box running the IPTV service will be automatically available to watch on smartphones, tablets or PCs at no extra cost. Customers can access their films on up to four different Apple or Android devices or online and either watch instantly or download to watch later or on the move. The selection of buy-to-keep films includes blockbusters, classics and modern films from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Entertainment One UK, NBCUniversal and Disney.

For TV content, and offered free with BT TV's extra box service, customers can watch extra TV channels, including general entertainment, kids and BT Sport channels, on a range of devices including Apple and Android smartphones and tablets as well as laptops and PCs. Using the new BT TV app for smartphones and tablets, customers can also record programmes from their TV guide on all of the TV channels on their YouView+ set-top box while they are out of the home.

"BT TV was the first TV platform to offer buy-to-keep movies. Now we're the first to offer these movies digitally on multiple devices," commented Alex Green, director of BT TV. "We believe customers will increasingly choose digital ownership given its freedom and flexibility and the ability to create your own personal movie library. Meanwhile our TV everywhere service allows families to enjoy some of their favourite channels around the home and on the move."