Videology teams with Advirtuous to accelerate Nordic programmatic trading
| 06 December 2014
Aiming to exploit the potential of markets in Northern Europe, Nordic advertising solutions provider Advirtuous has entered a technology partnership with the Videology video advertising platform.

The recently launched Advirtuous claims to be the first pan-Nordic provider of programmatic video solutions and services. By working together with Videology it believes that it can both bring ‘market-leading’ programmatic video advertising solutions to advertisers, agencies and media companies in the Nordics region. Moreover, the two companies are confident that they can enable publishers, premium brands and agencies in the Nordic region to benefit from solutions that deliver smarter advertising decisions.

At launch, Advirtuous will offer both managed services from its operations in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, as well as support for self-service operations for Nordic-region clients of Ideology’s product-set. The latter includes the Campaign Engine, Audience Engine and Revenue Engine solutions that address the management, measurement and optimisation of targeted digital video and TV advertising.

Advirtuous says that it chose to team up with Videology not only because of its advanced solution-set, which fully addresses the needs of the video advertising market in the Nordic region, but also because of the company’s proven track record in developing new markets.

“Our mission at Advirtuous is to provide effective and high-performance advertising solutions to empower premium Nordic publishers, agencies and advertisers, and to help them better communicate and connect with consumers in these markets,” said Espen Moen, Advirtuous founder and managing director outlining the company’s mission.

“This partnership with Videology is in line with our goal of establishing ourselves as the leading player in the Nordic programmatic ecosystem.”