Rabbit running faster than Facebook
| 07 December 2014
There are so many stories, so many pitches out there as online video proliferates but Rabbit TV Plus claims to be growing faster than Netflix or Facebook. And without VC.

Rabbit CEO Bill Mobley says that with over 800,000 point to point streams a day, he has traffic that web video start-ups can only dream of.

“Our first test was streaming Super Bowl XLVI live to an online audience. It was a huge success, proving to us and the world that web-delivered video wasn’t just a passing fad, it was the future…. By putting the [2012] Olympics games online, we were able to offer a major advantage over traditional TV viewing. If you watched on TV, you were limited to only the events that were being shown, which generally meant matches that the United States was participating in, and final events in a specific category. But by offering the games online, we were able to show all of the events, and allow users to choose between events that were going on simultaneously. So if someone wanted to watch China playing South Korea, or other teams in early stages of the competition, they could do that.”

He added: “As we began to build our offering on this premise, we discovered the absolutely overwhelming amount of content that is available online. Just about every TV show you can see with cable can be seen online, with many of them costing absolutely nothing, and others costing just a few dollars in a pay-per-view format. And in addition to the hits from television, we discovered vast amounts of content made for the web, that while never having graced the cable networks, were both extremely high quality and popular. Our mission quickly became to aggregate and organise all of the Internet’s media content, making it easily accessible for our users, giving them endless choices and complete control. Today our service scrubs 2 million links each day to ensure content availability.”