Hey guys.
I have a stable Dedicated Cache-ex OSCam r10076 server located in europe filled with all caids and a cache size of 20k.
Server has 32G of DDR3 ECC RAM, 4 Core Xeon® E3-1270 v3 Quad-Core Haswell and 1GBits Uplink with Debian OS.
I`m interested in exchange with peers close (less than 15ms distance) filled and strong on the following CAID`s
0963;1702;1810;0100@00006A;0100@005211,005221,0052 25;0100@000068;1802@000000,004801,004901;183D
Any other popular CAID`s are welcomed too.
Note: I`m only after High Hit Rated peers meaning if your hit rate proves to be low, I`ll have to remove your peer, no offense.
My cache also has nearly Bad CW free 09CD from my own local servers.