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Thread: Local Csat v,Csat Seca,TSR,TVUSAT,Digital+,Skyde,Mediaset

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    Thumbs up Local Csat v,Csat Seca,TSR,TVUSAT,Digital+,Skyde,Mediaset

    I Have 3-Server Multics 1-R81 And 2-R69
    Exchanging Real Locals
    My Local Csat v4 Full,Csat Seca"HD",Digital+"1810",Skyde"1702",TSR,TVUSAT,Med iaset
    Ineed For "Backup" N To N
    MG To MG
    Cache To Cache
    I Have Big Strong Cache,I'm Looking For Strong Cache
    Tracker = DELETE
    Bad Cache Peers = DELETE
    High ping = DELETE
    Instant Cache 0-9% = DELETE
    Cache Hits/Total 0% = DELETE
    If You Are Interested Pls Send Me Your line I Send You Mine Back....
    PLS Only With Stabil And Fast Europien Multics Server
    Let Me Know Which One Of My Multics Version Do You Want!!

    Happy Share

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    Re: Local Csat v,Csat Seca,TSR,TVUSAT,Digital+,Skyde,Mediaset

    pls no need for cache only n to n or mg to mg

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