CTAM has launched a consumer awareness campaign, aimed at articulating the benefits and value proposition of TV everywhere.

The core messaging emphasises the ease of the authenticated sign-in process to verify customer status and clarifies the 'hows' of accessing available content earlier than other online and mobile offerings. There's even a hashtag: #youcouldbewatching.

"At the vanguard of this strategy was FOX's 'Stream It and Dream It' sweepstakes promotion, wholly conceived by Fox Networks, and supported by all major distributors," said John Lansing, president and CEO of CTAM. "We were thrilled that the timing of the Fox Networks' TV everywhere promotion aligned with the launch of our efforts. As a result, the CTAM-led tactics quickly garnered a unique reach of three million and 56 million total impressions, adding significant promotional value for Fox Networks and the other participating major distributors."

CTAM is executing the outreach with the Lippin Group, which is working to educate consumers and promote available TVE content in mainstream TV and lifestyle sections, and targeted blog sites. To build a collection of current, approved promotional assets for media placement, CTAM has built a secure e-form that makes it easy for content providers and MSOs to participate.