Telestream has launched Vantage Cloud Subscriptions, a transcoding and file-based workflow automation service for Amazon Web Services (AWS) on AWS Marketplace.

"Vantage Cloud Subscriptions saved the day for us - without this service we would not have had a product to show our customer the next day," said Kasper Holme Johannesen, managing director of Danish home entertainment multimedia supply chain specialist Dicentia, a first customer that used the platform for encoding 20 feature films within a 24-hour period for video-on-demand (VOD) delivery.

"Installing the Telestream Vantage Cloud Manager software on to our system took around 30 minutes, and once installed you don't notice the difference in operation from our traditional Vantage encoding system," said Bjørn Petersen, part of Dicentia's engineering team. "It provides a seamless add-on to our existing Vantage platform, taking files from our servers and delivering them back once they're completed. It worked perfectly."