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Thread: Dish Anywhere?

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    Dish Anywhere?

    I've been a Dish user for several years now and thinking about getting the Dish Anywhere service. Is it worth it? Are you satisfied with the connection, clarity and overall features? I would appreciate feedbacks from actual users. TIA!

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    Re: Dish Anywhere?

    Hi there!

    I've had DISH for a while myself and recently got the DISH Anywhere service as well. I would say it's totally worth it, but I watch movies and sports from my phone a lot. I also travel for work in places that doesn't always have the sports programs I want for free, so it's been really awesome when I am on a work trip and there is a game I don't want to miss. Nice to not have to go to a bar to catch it. For more satellite reviews and info on data caps etc. it might be worth perusing which is one of the only sites that compares features I've seen. Could give you a good idea of what you get with your current service vs. what you'll get with Anywhere service.

    Good luck and let me know what you think if you go for the Anywhere package. I've only had it for a few months and am kind of curious if the price will go up. That might affect me keeping it or not.

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