After a troubled week for the streaming sites with the new anti-piracy law in Spain, Jaume Ripoll, director at Filmin, one of the first legal video-on-demand (VOD) platforms in the country, has been speaking about the future of the industry.

filminIn an interview with Europa Press, Ripoll avoided evaluating the new regulation, which came into force at the beginning of November and has now driven to closure or content removal from popular streaming sites such as and

Ripoll said he recognises that aggregation sites are useful for services like Filmin as they gather many links in the same place. "But not everything is as easy as uploading a link to the Web. A Spotify with movies is not possible, as cinema and music have nothing in common on an industry level," he added, also pointing out the importance of a strong VOD catalogue and competitive flat rates.

Facing increasing competition in the Spanish market, Filmin has decided to specialise with an independent catalogue of films and series. "It's necessary to create wealth so the producers want to take a risk. Cinema is like this and platforms like ours have to take risks," explained Ripoll.

Regarding the future of VOD in Spain, Ripoll considers the increasing competition and diversity in the market to be a positive thing, bringing more companies to reflect the interests of the audience.

"If Netflix arrives next year, it will also contribute to getting people more used to paying for content," said Ripoll. "But not all consumption goes through the Internet, it's true that it's increasing, but just because people don't rent a DVD doesn't mean the service doesn't exist anymore, we are just in the middle of a big change in the business model."