French international news channel France 24 is now available live 24/7 in three languages, English, French and Arabic.

France 24 is avaialble in HD (720p – 16/9) on any type of device (PC, mobile phones, tablets).

With this new service YouTube users can also comment and discuss in real time the channel’s programmes by using the chat module to the right of the screen.

In addition to this new live streaming service, France 24 also occasionally broadcasts live events that bring together a community of internet users at a given moment and then offers a replay of the entire programme once the live broadcast is over (e.g. the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landing, live speeches at the UN General Assembly, press conferences, etc.).

France 24 has been on YouTube ever since its launch in December 2006 with reports, debates, magazine replays, and has already notched up over 300 million video views and currently attracts around six million views a month.