The personal media organiser, Plex, is now available on Opera TV – making it easier to stream, share and organise personal media in the living room.

Plex is the first app of its kind to join the Opera TV store and another way for Plex users to experience all of their personal media on the big screen. Plex works across a variety of devices in the living room including Xbox One/360, Vizio P-Series SmartTV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Nexus Player and others, including now also many Opera-based smart TVs, allowing users to seamlessly stream their personal photos, videos and music across their devices.

“By expanding to the Opera TV Store, we’re bringing content to life and giving users another big screen where they can experience all of their personal media,” says Scott Hancock, CMO of Plex.

“The Opera TV Store is ever evolving to bring premium content in the form of high-quality apps to our users,” says Michael Winneker, Senior Manager of Content Acquisition for TV & Devices, Opera Software.

“We’re excited to bring such a leading application to the store in the effort to provide more customization options for our users’ Smart TV experience.”