Research from the CNBC business and financial news network has shown that access to business and leisure content everywhere via mobile devices is blurring the parameters between the working week and weekend.

mobile eliteThe Mobile Elite survey, tracking the usage and impact of mobile devices amongst business executives, found that 70% of those surveyed now agree that mobile technology use invades time between work and leisure. This is an unprecedented high, and three-fifths indicated that they access business content via their mobile device over the weekend.

The consumption of business content was still highest during weekday mornings and in Europe there was an additional evening spike among those monitoring the US financial markets. Four-fifths of US executives claim to watch TV at the same time as using their tablet, compared with 71% in Europe and 70% in Asia. Moreover, 56% of global executives use their mobile device as a direct result of watching TV leading to actions such as Web browsing for products or services (69%), purchasing products, stocks or shares (55%) and responding to advertising (42%).

"This new wave of global research reveals that the Business Elite are consuming more business content over the weekend," said Mike Jeanes, director of research, EMEA at CNBC. "Mobile is blurring the boundaries between work and leisure, as the consumption of business content over the weekend becomes commonplace. This change presents an opportunity for media owners and advertisers alike."