Cross-platform content management system (CMS) provider Contentful has integrated its technology with the Ooyala premium video publishing, analytics and monetisation platform.

Contentful's solutions are designed to enable a create-once, publish-everywhere functionality for media companies to use to create and publish content to premium websites and mobile applications. Ooyala customers can thus tap into Contentful's CMS to manage and distribute video content across all platforms and devices.

Users of both Ooyala and Contentful can connect their accounts to search for, preview, select and embed Ooyala videos into their content pieces in Contentful.

"Contentful allows us to manage content once and publish it across all our different channels, from our mobile apps to our websites; and it works seamlessly with Ooyala's video syndication, analytics and discovery solutions. The integration of Ooyala within Contentful has really improved content management workflow for our production team," said Rachel Melville, senior director of product management at Playboy, the first customer of the integrated solution. "Rather than jumping from one system to another, we can now preview videos and associate Ooyala assets and Contentful entries within the context of entry creation or editing. Workflow optimisation is really important to us and this integration has greatly helped with that."

Managing content across a growing number of platforms and devices is both a cumbersome task and a major priority for virtually all media companies. Re-encoding content to look sharp beyond the browser, especially on mobile, tablet and even smartwatch apps, is costly and time-consuming for developers and editors alike.

"Most web CMS platforms have overlooked the unique requirements of mobile, relying on bolted-on extensions to address the challenge of ever-increasing device fragmentation in the mobile ecosystem. This is causing a lot of pain and extra work for both editors and developers," explained Sascha Konietzke, CEO and co-founder of Contentful. "With our new Ooyala integration, Contentful can now extend its promise of all your content, one API to video as well."