Much has been written about Movistar Series - Telefónicas video-on-demand (VOD) - since it was launched earlier this week, as the platform aims to entice Spanish viewers to pay for content in a market in which illegal streaming and piracy rates are high.

movistartvSo what does a VOD service need to do to conquer the audience? The perfect service would offer all the top series with no waiting for premieres and at a low cost or even free and this is offered by illegal streaming platforms. However, now some platforms have dared to compete in the Spanish market and are gaining subscribers.

Movistar Series kicks off with an initial catalogue of 27 complete series, but intends to premiere new productions and reach 100 series during 2015. The channel is linked to Movistar TV - it can't be subscribed to independently - but works as a standalone platform, with full seasons and VOD premieres available through an app for tablets and smartphones.

The VOD service aims to get settled in Spain before Netflix starts operating in the country, but it already has national competition from Yomvi, and Filmin.

However, the pricing of Movistar Series, which will be an extra €7 on the top of the cost of the regular pay-TV package, has been criticised as being too high.

The platform's catalogue was unveiled a month ago, and is led by series such as Outlander, Transparent, Madam Secretary and Penny Dreadful.