With almost seven in ten young Chileans having a smartphone connected to the Internet, television and video consumption habits are facing a revolution in the Andean country.

While adults mostly consume linear TV, almost 30% of young people up to 25 watch TV on the Internet and over 35% comment on the social networks while watching TV.

According to the VII Encuesta de la Television, a report carried out by the national authority ANTV, social TV is a definite trend in Chile, with one in four youngsters watching shows recommended on social networks and 36% commenting on Facebook or Twitter, or use chatting apps while watching TV.

Multiscreen habits are also being seen in the younger generations, with an average of 25% of Chileans under 25 watching TV through the Internet on different screens - tablets, smartphones and computers. The figure nears 30% when looking at the higher socio-economic levels.

The report also highlights an increasing dissatisfaction among Chileans regarding the free-to-air (FTA) offer in the country. Six out of ten viewers don't like the FTA channels while the same percentage says they are highly satisfied with the pay-TV programming.

The research also points to a high lack of awareness regarding DTT, with only 32% of Chileans saying they know what it is.