Nearly eight in ten legacy pay-TV subscribers in the US have access to authenticated TV Everywhere services from most of the major networks.

“Today some 74 million households have access to TV Everywhere programmes from the ‘Top 15′ networks that TDG monitors,” said Bill Niemeyer, TDG senior analyst and author of the new 78% of TV Everywhere Deployment among Top US Operators and Networks, 2014 report. “This represents a 30% increase from October 2013.”

Niemeyer notes that the value of expanded TVE offerings is diminished by the delay in getting ‘TV-style’ OTT audience measurement into market. This in turn delays wider promotion of TVE by networks, which are rightly concerned about monetising this new distribution channel.

“The reach of TVE is finally where it needs to be,” says Niemeyer. “The next step is monetizing the content in such a way that networks are comfortable distributing their best, most recent content online to authenticated viewers.”