Hot on the heels of putting both CBS and Nexstar carriage disputes to bed, DISH Network has completed a nationwide rollout of fresh software for its Hopper DVR.

The upgrade includes three new functionalities, starting with the ability to “watch from the beginning.” If a viewer finds something on TV that they want to watch, but it’s already started, there is now an option to watch from the beginning if the title is available on demand. Hopper can thus identify if live content is also available in DISH’s video on demand (VOD) catalogue.

The second feature has to do with binge watching. After finishing watching a recording or a VOD episode, a TV pop-up will show the viewer up to four subsequent episodes in the series that are available in the DVR or in DISH’s VOD catalogue. This is similar to Netflix, which cues up the next episode of a series automatically when one ends.

And finally, the update includes the ability to turn on closed captioning on the fly.

“Ever stumbled across that one line of dialogue that, no matter how many times you rewind and re-listen, you just can’t understand what they’re saying?” the company said in a blog. “To help, Hopper has a newly simplified process to turn closed captioning on/off your TV. Instead of going into the main menu and changing your preferences, just press the green button on your DISH remote control. You don’t even have to leave your show.”