Eyes on the Go has announced a premium live broadcast solution that includes high definition (HD) streaming. It enables venues to use multiple cameras with visual transition effects via the GANDER.tv service.

Broadcasters are often limited to the number of events they can broadcast and hope to cover through advertising or pay-per-view. Eyes on the Go said that its solution represents a savings of 70 to 80% of those costs.

The system upgrade includes a new on-site controller, a Sony HD camera, improved audio performance, a video switch and local camera controls. The backend software allows for multiple bands of variable bit rate that will modulate the delivered stream based on the available bandwidth at the consumer's device in addition to more efficient video editing.

The first system will be implemented at New York City’s Webster Hall, which upgraded its broadband capabilities to handle the increased demand for bandwidth required for HD streaming. It will be utilising this approach for pay-per-view events.

"Webster Hall attracts some of the top talent in the industry,” Rich Pawelczyk, The Webster Hall COO. “We have been working with GANDER.tv for a few years now and have been pleased with their constant improvement and their commitment to customer service. We will now have a very compelling live streaming solution to offer our performers as a way to expand their reach and increase awareness. The improved quality of the broadcast and the staging of multiple camera shots will make paid events viable."

Chris Carey, the CEO of Eyes on the Go, added, "Distribution channels are extremely interested in high quality, compelling entertainment content which we will now be able to offer. Up until now, the costs of streaming live events with a production crew and equipment limited the number of events that can be supported through advertising or subscription fees. With our lowered costs, we are now seeing a large number of opportunities to create, produce and distribute packaged shows that can be monetised. Shortly, we will be announcing a number of regular produced programmes that we will make available for distribution. This is a new chapter in our company's development."