Argentinean Government leaves cable association out of digital law discussions

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 15 December 2014

Argentina's cable association ATVC says it has been ignored by the Government in the matter of the new telecom regulation which aims to give telcos access to pay-TV business.

cableAccording to the ATVC, the government is managing the whole process by itself, without discussing it with the industries affected, and is trying to get the law through Parliament in record time.

Indeed, news of the regulation surprised many industry insiders when it was announced, and drew strong criticism, causing the government to temporarily ban telcos from entering the pay-TV business.

"Members of Parliament didn't talk to any representative of the national cable industry, which annually produces thousands of hours of content," pointed out the ATVC. "They didn't listen to our operators, which also offer Internet through the country, even in those places where the large groups have never dared to invest, and now the government wants to allow the large telcos to use our distribution networks and installations."

While the cable association's stance is based on the interests of the country's companies, it believes the government is giving international telecom groups free access to the national infrastructure, and that the only reason preventing the Government giving telcos access to the pay-TV market is the effects of such a decision on competition.