BRB takes Invizimals to iTunes, PlayStation

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 15 December 2014

Increasing distribution of the latest Invizimals movie and following audience success on various linear TV platforms worldwide, Spain's BRB is taking the films The Alliance and Tale of Two Dimensions to iTunes and PlayStation Network.

invizimalsThe films – the latest in the Invizimals saga which started as a videogame and contains augmented reality functions – are available on both platforms' premium services, through electronic sell-through (EST), rental and on-demand in several territories.

On iTunes, the movies are available in Spain, France, Italy and Australia, in a first phase, with more territories being gradually added. On PlayStation Network, the films are to be first tried out in Spain, although distribution is expected to be increased in the short term.

Co-produced by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Screen 21, Corporació Catalan de Mitjans Audiovisuals and TVE, the movies, as well as the series – which recently premiered internationally - are based on the adventures of the scientist Keni Nakamura and the Invizimals Alliance.

The TV series is internationally managed by Spain's BRB, which also controls the whole brand in the Iberian territories and Greece.