Cisneros aims for Latin American VOD in ITCLICKVIDEO acquisition

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 17 December 2014

The digital division of Venezuela's Cisneros, Cisneros Interactive, has acquired a 50% stake in the Latin American premium video-on-demand (VOD) network ITCLICKVIDEO.

cisnerosfotoThe platform, launched this year, offers digital publishers a VOD service with original content on fashion, food, sports and music.

The company, founded by Lucas Jinkis and Diego Waciearz - the duo responsible for launching ESPN, Susana Gimenez, Maru Botana, Playboy, El, Fashiontv and CasaClub, among others - currently has deals with Microsoft/MSN, Yahoo!, Terra, Televisa, and a number of important dailies in the region.

"We are pleased to partner with distinguished entrepreneurs with a proven track record in the media industry. The Cisneros organisation has developed and exported top quality content for more than 50 years, and it's just natural for it to embark in the creation of audiovisual content for today's digital platforms," stated Victor Kong, president of Cisneros Interactive. "We are confident that their leadership, combined with the synergies that exist among the Cisneros Interactive companies, will provide our advertisers and media partners an excellent solution."

The extensive video network will be monetised by Cisneros' company RedMas, one of the largest digital advertising networks in Latin America and the US Hispanic market.

ITCLICKVIDEO provides a comprehensive solution that incorporates the production of content, the reproduction of it via an exclusive streaming platform, and advertising sales. The company also works with the top brands in Latin America, developing digital content as content solutions for their marketing and communication needs.

"The arrival of Cisneros Interactive as a partner presents great opportunity for growth, increases our digital media content offering and supports our expansion into new countries," said Lucas Jinkis.

"With the support of Cisneros Interactive, we can build the region's leading premium video network, offering local and pan-regional advertisers the opportunity to effectively reach a mass audience that's really massive," added Diego Waciearz.