Broadcom launches platform for Mexican digital transition

DetailsGabriel Miramar-Garcia | 18 December 2014

Broadcom has announced a digital terrestrial video platform for Mexico as the country transitions from analogue to digital television broadcasts.

The conversion is scheduled for completion at the end of 2015, and will provide millions of television subscribers in Mexico with high definition (HD) content.

"We expect that the DTV transition will foster the growth of more HDTV programming, as well as the development of new content offers, taking into account the possibilities of multicasting," said Fernando Borjon Figueroa, commissioner of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications. "Mexico faces the challenge of analogue switch-off in 2015 and the need to rapidly increase DTV penetration. Therefore, counting on DTV receiving options for the public, such as low-cost televisions and set-top boxes, is an important issue for the continuity of service."

Broadcom's BCM7543 has been custom-engineered silicon for HD converter boxes and set-top box (STB) platforms in the country.

"Since Broadcom began engineering STB solutions more than 15 years ago, we have established a trusted and broad offering of innovative, high quality set-top solutions around the world," said Rich Nelson, Broadcom senior vice president at the broadband and connectivity group. "Broadcom's new offering for Mexico's digital TV transition builds on our expertise in STB design and provides an easy-to-use experience for the consumer that combines superior value and performance."