Canal+ acquires digital TV frequencies in Congo

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 18 December 2014

French broadcaster Canal+ has been allocated two frequencies by the Congo Brazzaville Government to broadcast digital TV.

The first is in the capital Brazzaville and the other covers the country's second largest city Pointe-Noire.

The contract between the two was signed by Phillipe Mvou, chairman of Congo's regulator CLSC, and Canal+ Afrique director general David Mignot.

The move comes after France pledged it would help Congo's smooth migration to digital terrestrial television (DTT) for the ITU's global deadline of June 2015.

Currently just two of the 40 channels broadcasting in Congo Brazzaville provide digital content, via Eutelsat namely public broadcaster Tele-Congo and privately-owned DRTV.