Three-quarters of viewers plan to follow Super Bowl across devices

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 18 December 2014

Multi-platform viewing is likely to be a hallmark of the upcoming Super Bowl opening big doors for brand approaches.

According to research from YuMe, 75% of consumers have agreed that multiple video devices mean less chance of missing anything during February's big game. While consumers are still fairly traditional in their viewing habits, with 87% likely to watch the game live on cable/broadcast TV, a full 37% said that they are likely to stream the game on an internet-connected device (computer, tablet, smartphone or smart TV). And, a striking 58% are likely to chat/video in real-time with friends during the game via smartphone.

For brands advertising during the Super Bowl, a key takeaway is the fact that during the game, attention isn't just on the TV consumers are engaging across multiple devices; therefore, advertisers should deploy multiscreen marketing strategies. And, being the Super Bowl, viewers are looking forward to ads during game time; therefore, advertisers should take advantage of this level of receptivity and anticipation. A full 79% of respondents said that they watch the big game ads because it is part of the experience/tradition.

Device use proliferation also means that even those advertisers not on the TV roster can take advantage of the advertising opportunity surrounding the game, particularly on smartphones.

"In 2015, we will see an uptick in mobile and multiple device usage to watch and receive the latest big game updates," said Paul Neto, director of research at YuMe. "Although the primary viewing device for the Big Game is still cable/broadcast TV, consumers do enjoy interacting with their friends and social networks on mobile devices, so advertisers should prepare ad campaign strategies accordingly to reach their target audience."