Clan revamps website to beef up VOD, multiscreen

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 18 December 2014

By updating its website, RTVE's children's channel Clan TV aims to offer a more personal video-on-demand (VOD) experience accessible from every kind of device.

rtveesDeveloped by the Spanish public network's interactive media department, Clan TV's website has over two million active users a month, consuming series such as Peppa Pig, Invizimals and Pocoyo on-demand. Aiming to become more user-friendly for both children and adults, the site will incorporate a new search engine which allows users to look for VOD content by title and characters in a more intuitive way.

Parents will be able to filter the results by recommended age and most of the cartoons' original versions will be also available on-demand. In addition, the website will add extra content in addition to video, such as games and other activities specially designed for mobile platforms and computers.

From 2015, Clan TV's website and VOD platform will launch a version for PlayStation 3 and 4, thanks to a collaboration agreement signed with Sony. The platform is already available for most of Android and iOS tablets and smartphones, as well as browsers, some smart TV models, Apple TV and Chromecast, and it will also launch a specific app for Windows 8.