Telefónica, Ericsson take Internet to Peruvian Amazon

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 19 December 2014

Initially targeting government entities but aiming to take the whole region into the Internet era, Telefónica Peru and Ericsson are jointly implementing a project to provide Internet access via 4G/LTE in the Peruvian Amazon during 2015.

The project uses 4G technology for fixed wireless Internet access in remote rural areas with difficult geography, like the Peruvian Amazon, which is over 500,000 square kilometres and has the largest amount of old-growth forest in the world.

"This kind of project is crucial for the development of the country, since it connects rural areas not only with the rest of Peru, but also with the whole world," said Cesar Linares, general manager at Telefónica Peru. "Connectivity brings innumerable benefits that translate into socio-economic development, especially in remote and inaccessible areas."

Research carried out by Ericsson and analyst firm Arthur D Little has concluded that for every ten percentage point increase in broadband, the GDP of a nation increases by 1%.

"This effort marks another landmark in the alliance both companies share in social impact projects and, at the same time, further consolidates the leadership of Ericsson in networks in the region, connecting extremely rural areas with the latest in 4G mobile broadband technology," added Eduardo Ricotta, VP at Ericsson Latin America.