The Warsaw District Court has dismissed a lawsuit against the national commercial broadcaster Telewizja Polsat by the DTH platform nc+.

According to Wirtualne Media, the latter had demanded that Telewizja Polsat not be allowed to use the symbol + in the name of its proprietary channel Polsat News +.

Last summer, at the request of nc+, the District Court decided Telewizja Polsat could not use the symbol until it reached a decision on the matter.

As a result, the broadcaster changed the name of the channel to Polsat News 2.

However, the District Court lifted its ruling last month following an appeal by Telewizja Polsat.

The District Courtís decision to dismiss nc+ís claim is not final and the DTH platform is considering its next move.

Meanwhile, Telewizja Polsat has decided to retain the name Polsat News 2 for the time being.