4KTV to break 100MN unit barrier by 2018

DetailsEditor | 20 December 2014

Boosted by the World Cup, the overall TV market in 2014 will show modest signs of growth but also the portents for a burgeoning 4K/Ultra HD market according to research from Futuresource Consulting.

The analyst predicts that the global worldwide television market is forecast to grow to 234 million units by the end of 2014, representing 3% year on year growth. Yet the research also shows that trade value is likely to dip 4% to $97 billion, reflecting a decline in average retail prices from $652 to $608.

"The anticipated boost from the World Cup in the first half of the year has been followed by a better than expected Q3. Europe is forecast to exceed 57 million units in 2014, with Western Europe enjoying 2% year-on-year growth, while Eastern Europe remains flat," revealed Futuresource senior market analyst Jack Wetherill.

"The North American market is anticipated to be stable at 40 million units in 2014, with Latin America on track to achieve 17% growth this year to 32 million units. Most countries in this region have yet to complete their analogue switch-offs.

Yet perhaps the most interesting part of the data was that 4KTVs are projected to go past the 100 million unit mark by 2018. What makes this growth more impressive is that 4KTV shipments are calculated to total 11.6 million units in 2014, up nearly 700% year on year, with China accounting for over 70% of worldwide demand. Futuresource expects that sales of 4KTVs will be concentrated on the larger screen sizes, generally 50"+, but also believes that screens below 40" will become more widely available with 4K in the coming years. The analyst were also keen to add that that the biggest gating factor of the whole 4K/Ultra HD industry, the availability of native 4K content remains scarce and many consumers are currently buying sets on the basis that they can upscale HD content and will be future-proof, in preparation for when native 4K content is more widely available.

Futuresource added that In Western Europe and North America, share of 4K demand in 2014 will likely represent 10% and 8% respectively, with demand expected to grow at 72% CAGR until 2018.

"4K adoption is forecast to grow quickly from 2015 onwards with over 100 million shipments projected in 2018, representing 38% of the total TV market, remarked Futuresource 
research analyst David Tett. "An indication that 4K is quickly becoming mainstream was the availability of many sets at discounted prices during [November 2014s] Black Friday."