GS Group begins Tricolor TV smart card production

DetailsEditor | 20 December 2014

Technopolis GS cluster affiliate Digital Television Systems (DTVS), OJSC, has initiated a production line to manufacture smarts cards for leading satellite pay-TV provider Tricolor TV.

The enterprise will start releasing the access cards for Tricolor subscribers at the end of December 2014 with sales opportunities expanded by the potential of attracting other customers. The new production line allows manufacturing a wide range of smart cards that will see use for access cards, SIM cards, loyalty cards, etc. The new production also embraces chips coding. The planned smart cards output volume will amount to around 3 million units during 2015.

Currently National Satellite Company, JSC (the Tricolor TV brand) is the unique customer ordering such smart cards. Local leading technology provider GS Group, a key technology partner for Tricolor TV, designs and manufactures the full set of user equipment to receive satellite signal at the Technopolis GS enterprises.

Tricolorís microcircuit encoding will be provided by the DTVS, OJSC specialists with the transfer of production to the Technopolis GS capacities which would increase the satellite device's protection against unauthorised data copying and reduce the cost of the finished product.