Volicon, Adobe collaborate on workflow platform

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 21 December 2014

Volicon has collaborated with Adobe on a combined workflow platform aimed at the repurposing, quickly and simply, of aired audio and video for rebroadcast.

Using Volicon's Observer Media Intelligence Platform along with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, broadcasters and other content producers can capture aired content and make it available as breaking news promos, sports highlights, weather updates and other timely pieces in Adobe Premiere Pro CC video editing software.

"Networks and stations use the Observer's full HD encoders to capture and deliver content to air, so it's no stretch to leverage Observer-recorded broadcasts to support and speed time-sensitive edit workflows for the many broadcasters working with Adobe Premiere Pro CC," said Andrew Sachs, vice president of product management at Volicon.

"The open environment offered by Adobe Premiere Pro CC facilitates a seamless handoff of content from the Observer system, without the need to 'flip' files. With this capability, a single editor can access, transfer and edit content in a fraction of the time often required for repurposing."

The Observer Media Intelligence Platform, equipped with Volicon's Capture application, provides a live or linear acquisition solution that works across the diversity of sources: baseband, MPEG-TS, or post-STB. Recording around the clock, the platform can encode live, network contribution and cable/satellite/IPTV feeds and make them available to users via a browser-based interface.

Working with the Observer interface, multiple editors can review content as it is captured, clip high-value footage, and push long GOP H.264-encoded media clips directly to Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Supporting a range of incoming containers and codecs, Adobe Premiere Pro CC accepts this content from the Observer platform without requiring transcoding or repackaging.

"Adobe Premiere Pro CC not only provides broadcasters with powerful video editing tools, but also enables highly efficient workflows built on smooth integration with other best-in-class solutions," said Simon Williams, director of strategic alliances at Adobe.

"Using the combination of the Observer platform with Adobe Premiere Pro CC is so straightforward that users can simply export media from the Volicon system directly into their edit timeline. Editors can focus on the creative aspects of their work while reducing the overall time required to turn around projects."