Invizimals tops Clan's digital platforms

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 22 December 2014

Two weeks after premiering at Spain's Clan TV, the public network for kids, the Inzimals series is already among the most watched contents on the channel's digital platforms.

invizimalsThe popular saga has put aside its movies and it's trying out the series format, achieving for the moment success among young audiences across the world, as the animation content has also premiered on Al Jazeera, Disney XD, Gulli, K2, Multimania, Megamax, SIC, Star, Eleven and Talit.

With Clan TV's audience being large multi-platform users, Invizimals has become a series for second screens, being the third most watched content on Clan's website and apps for smartphones and tablets, and the second most watched on smart TVs.

The animation series has also achieved great audience figures on linear TV, reaching an average 14.9% share with picks over 30%, huge for a network which is not even among the country's top-ten for free-to-air (FTA) TV.
Co-produced by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Screen 21, Televisió de Catalunya and RTVE, the cartoon series' rights are managed by BRB Internacional worldwide.