Spain sees social TV, second screen boom

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 22 December 2014

The huge penetration of smartphones and Twitter doesn't seem to be reducing the historically high TV consumption in Spain.

The country is experiencing a boom of social TV activities and second screen consumption, driven by an audience that loves smart devices: indeed over four-fifths of Spaniards own a smartphone. According to a report of Brain Juicer published by the news agency Europa Press , three-quarters of Twitter subs use the platform while watching TV, 24% prefer a computer and 12% a tablet. And almost every day there is a national trending topic related to TV.

The report identifies different kinds of social TV consumers, with one in ten saying they are not able to watch TV without Twitter, and almost half tweeting when there are special events such as sports or reality-shows finals.

The trend seems to be having the same consequences in Spain as in other countries where social TV has an even more solid position: more engagement with 70% of users read comments and share opinions live; more entertainment, two-thirds say they do so to have more fun experiencing TV through the social networks; and increasing audiences with 67% of users say turn on shows because of having seen related tweets.
According to the report, the social TV trend has also a huge impact on brands and publicity, as it offers advertisers the opportunity of entering the social conversation in real time and inside a very predictable environment, as everything is related to a concrete topic.