The Dutch streaming video portal WappZapp is terminating its services on January 20 after failing to attract enough subscribers to its premium WappZapp Plus product.

In a blog post WappZapp founders Wienke Giezeman and Colin Ellis write that the service attracted 130,000 monthly users to its free service, but that the number of people subscribing was not enough.

The premium version offers 2,600 hours of Dutch movies, art house films, documentaries and concerts for a fee of €7.99, but competition with Netflix and RTL’s Videoland was too fierce and the company is now pulling the plug.

Earlier this year, WappZapp received funding from Sanoma Ventures (part of the publishing and broadcasting group), but the founders failed to get fresh investments this time around. They will now join Sanoma and its broadcasting arm SBS to work with the latter’s fledgling VOD service.

Earlier this year another Dutch S-VOD service, Ximon, who also specialised in Dutch productions and art house movies, decided to end its service due to lack of paying subscribers.