South Korea to relax TV advertising rules in 2015

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 24 December 2014

Terrestrial broadcasters will be able to show advertising during dramas and other television programmes from 2015, the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) has announced.

Currently the KCC regulates advertising under four categories: those related to a certain TV show, subtitles, station breaks, and time signal advertising. Under the new plan, broadcasters can organise the adverts they run, regardless of the category, for a maximum of ten minutes and 48 seconds per hour, the Korea Times reports.

The new regulations will allow pay-TV platforms to have a maximum advertising run of ten minutes and 12 seconds per 100 minutes during one show.

"The basic purpose of the deregulation is to improve the TV commercial market by encouraging the private business sector to demonstrate their creativity in the free competition system," said KCC Chairman Choi Sung-joon.

The draft of the revision will be presented early next year followed by public hearings