Sony preps simultaneous LATAM launch for linear, VOD, TV everywhere

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 28 December 2014

Premiering right after Christmas, Canal Sony, the company's Latin American channel, will launch the Deadbeat series simultaneously on the TV everywhere platform, video-on-demand service and linear TV.

The series will mark the first simultaneous Sony premiere for Latin Americans, who will be able to watch the production on different screens through Sony Plus, the recently launched VOD and TV everywhere platform.

“From 2015, our subs will be able to choose among new entertainment offerings to enjoy their favourite comedies through different platforms,” pointed out Nathalie Lubensky, senior VP and signals manager for Sony Pictures Television Latin America.

“Delivering this and other comedies to our audience on the multi-screen reflects the new consumption trends in the region.”

In addition to Deadbeat, Canal Sony will keep reinforcing its line-up during 2015, by premiering The McCarthys, Marry Me and Your Family or Mine.

The channel has been focusing on comedies since it launched a refreshed programming last August, hitting the audience in key markets such as Mexico and Argentina with How I Met Your Mother. Following the move, Sony Pictures also launched a pay-TV feed with Canal Sony and AXN in Central America and the Caribbean in September, completing its relaunch of the networks.

Sony Pictures Television is also delivering four standard definition channels for Mexico, the Southern region (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay), the Andean region (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia) and Venezuela. In addition, it is providing a HD feed for Brazil and a general feed for the whole of Latin America.