Mono to invest US$45.6MN in TV, movie content

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 29 December 2014

Mono Broadcasting will invest 1.5 billion baht (US$45.6 million) in TV and film content development, after its channel Mono29 attracted the third highest viewing figures of Thailand's digital channels.

Some 300 million baht ($9 million) will be used to construct a studio complex, with the remainder spent on the development of 12 Thai TV series, situation comedies and music videos along with acquiring overseas content, chief executive Lee Sang-do told reporters.

New content, particularly TV series, will be acquired from US distributors Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney and United International Pictures.

Revenue from digital terrestrial television (DTT) channel Mono29 is expected to rise from 150 million baht ($4.5 million) this year to 1 billion baht ($30.4 million) in 2015. If this target is achieved, the company's broadcasting arm will break even by the end of 2015, added Lee.

"We have proven that we are a high-potential player on the digital TV battlefield," Mr Lee is quoted as saying in the Bangkok Post.

In 2015, Mono's broadcasting division is expected to earn 32% of the media group's revenue, following the mobile services arm, which will bring in 43% of the total.