Al Jazeera Arabic claims 10MN Facebook followers

DetailsEditor | 29 December 2014

Qatar-based news giant Al Jazeera Arabic has become the first Arab news channel to reach ten million followers on Facebook.

AljazeeraAl Jazeera Arabic's Facebook page provides followers with news, analysis and features, and in December 2014 the page's reach improved from appearing on 1.5 million timelines daily, to four million. At the same time, the rate of engagement through comments, shares and clicks increased from 100,000 to 220,000 per day.

The channel says that alongside its continued status as the most-watched Arab channel on TV, the Facebook milestone exemplifies its determination to be the No 1 pan-Arab news outlet across all platforms.

"The Arab viewer since 1996 has evolved from a TV viewer to someone who now absorbs news content on TV, tablets, desktops and mobile whenever and wherever they want," commented Yaser Abuhilalah, managing director of Al Jazeera Arabic. "Al Jazeera will always hold true to our values of journalism and fearless reporting, however will change and adapt to new technology and platforms on which it is delivered. The constant evolution in news consumption is not due to the strategy of the channel but is due to the partnership with ... the viewer, the follower and the consumer. Each of the ten million followers on Facebook is a partner, same as anyone who shares our content on Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus as well as the person who watches Al Jazeera on TV."