Mobistar has commenced operational testing of its internet and digital TV services on cable.

The first users will be recruited among Mobistar customers in the Charleroi borough. The test zone will progressively be extended to other cities. Commercial launch date will be defined once operational and internet and TV services wholesale price conditions will have been improved by the regulators to allow new entrants to enter the market in a profitable way and in benefit of the consumer.

Since the beginning of 2014, Mobistar has developed internet and TV services that are based on the cable television regulation of the cable market, making it possible for alterative operators to access the network of cable operators. After this first development phase, Mobistar tested its internet and TV offer with a hundred members of its own personnel during several months. The first external users will be recruited soon from amongst its customers. Mobistar has chosen Charleroi for starting these tests. Other cities will follow in the future.

As provided for in the regulatory framework defined by the regulators, Mobistar buys its “wholesale” services for the access to the network of cable operators to be able to offer its internet services and TV. Operational conditions and pricing of these services defined by this framework must permit a profitable entry of Mobistar into the internet and TV market (one of the conditions desired by the European Commission) while at the same time offering an attractive price for consumers.

These conditions are not yet fulfilled. That is why Mobistar has initiated an appeal proceeding against the decision on the wholesale prices defined by the regulators. Mobistar reiterates and insists vis-à-vis the regulators that these conditions must be rapidly improved in order to permit new entrant to enter the market in a profitable way and at the benefit of the consumer.

Mobistar will define the date of commercial launch based on the results of the tests and when the operational and wholesale internet and television services rates conditions will have been clarified by regulators.