LATAM pay-TV surpasses 66MN subs

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 31 December 2014

Although growth is levelling out, Latin America's pay-TV industry continues to experience rising figures, with the region totalling over 66 million subscribers by the end of Q3 2014, up 1.2% on the prior three months.

dataxisAccording to the latest figures published by Dataxis and NexTV LATAM, Latin America has 66.08 million pay-TV subs with Brazil still leading the market with 19.4 million users. Mexico is the second largest market with 16 million subs, followed by Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Venezuela.

The seven largest national markets in the region gather 87% of all subs, who prefer direct-to-home (DTH) technology (32.8 million subscriptions) over cable (31.6 million). IPTV is still a residual network for pay-TV in Latin America, with less than one million subs - although its customer base grew by 9.2% in Q3.

The pay-TV industry is riding high at the moment in the region, with growth opportunities predicted in the near future. According to other recent research from Dataxis, by 2018 pay-TV penetration in the region will be almost 60%, with the seven largest market reaching 90 million subs.

The report forecasts that more than nine out of ten pay-TV subscribers will be paying for a digital service by 2018, amounting to 58.4% of total pay-TV subscribers. Digital cable will rank second with almost 30% of the total, while IPTV will account for 6%.